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The Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Communications Center (SRFECC) is a 9-1-1 Secondary PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) receiving approximately 350,000 phone calls a year, and dispatching over 199,000 fire and medical emergency incidents. SRFECC provides fire protection and emergency medical service (EMS) dispatching for nearly all of Sacramento County and part of Placer County, covering over 1,000 square miles and serving over 1.4 million residents. As a PSAP, SRFECC’s mission is to answer emergency service requests for both fire and medical aid when citizens have dialed 9-1-1. Calls are generally then identified by a dispatcher with a type code. The type codes are used to determine the natures of emergencies based on whether they are medical aids, grass fires, structure fires, or other fire or medical incidents.

May contain: computer, computer hardware, computer keyboard, electronics, hardware, furniture, table, screen, monitor, desk, face, head, person, speaker, and guard
Core Values 

Our Core Values define who we are, how we lead our teams, and how we do business. The implementation of our Core Values embarked SRFECC on a new journey in 2013. The evolution of the Center, based on the four Core Values, means that in all aspects of our work, whether dispatching, administrative support, training, or hiring, we will return to our Core Values.

Strength Of Character 

Strength of Character Strength of Character defines us as a team. We understand that nothing can be achieved without our unity. Therefore, we are united; we are committed to one another and to our mission. We hire individuals who understand the value of morality, ethics and honesty. We intentionally spend a great deal of time and energy investing in our team and future. Our team reflects our investment and our pride.


Selflessness Our SRFECC family understands customer service. In order to serve, we must put others first. We must understand above all else our priority is always to our community, our constituents and to one another.

Day Forward 

Day Forward We learn from yesterday’s mistakes, which make us smarter and stronger. We forgive ourselves and move forward. We have our eyes on the future and we understand our mission. We know each step we take, each decision we make, every singular action is one step towards collectively becoming the Premier Agency in the United States of America.

Servant Leadership 

Our Command Staff exists to serve. We believe our people are our strongest assets. We promise to lead with honor, humility, and compassion. We will lead with our actions and champion our teams. We will make you strong, support the mission, and never let you forget how much you are valued.