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Request for Proposal

Request for Formal Proposal (RFP)
Board Up Services

The Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Communications Center (“SRFECC”) is soliciting qualifications and proposals for professional Board Up Services to assist the regional partners with board up and other related services to our citizens.

The regional partners consist of the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, Sacramento City Fire Department, Folsom Fire Department, Cosumnes Community Services District, and several smaller departments in the southern end of Sacramento County.  These regional partners respond to approximately 200,000 incidents a year and cover close to 1,000 square miles.

To meet the ongoing needs of the SRFECC for board up and other related services, such as water removal, structural stabilization and securing a property, your proposal should highlight the types of projects in which your company has particular expertise and interest.

The successful licensed board up company will serve as the SRFECC provider of services and will work with and at the direction of the on-scene incident commander to provide the services mentioned above.  The successful proposer must be able to respond to the scene within one hour.  This work is performed to prevent further weather related deterioration of buildings which have been involved with fires, to stabilize such buildings structurally, provide water removal and salvage operations.  In the course of this work, the successful proposer must be able to provide the following services:

  • Board up:  Plywood cover-up of all openings such as doors, windows, fire openings and to secure the property.
  • Structural Stabilization utilizing technical shoring and heavy equipment.
  • Roof Covering:  Plastic tarp cover-up of roof and the ceiling openings to prevent inclement weather damage.
  • Electrical Restoration:  Identify hazardous circuits and restore power when and as required.
  • Plumbing Restoration:  Including the capping of broken water lines, sprinkler systems, sewage lines and gas lines.
  • Debris Removal:  The cleanup of debris as required and the removal of debris from adjacent properties, streets and sidewalks.
  • Structural drying
  • Winterization
  • Contents Care
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Deodorization
  • Obtaining Permits:  Should lane closures be necessary during the term of this agreement and within the normal required maintenance activities, the successful proposer will obtain the necessary permits and equipment at no charge to the SRFECC or the regional partners.  Lane closures will not be allowed without the proper safety precautions.

The SRFECC board up contractor must be current with new technology and industry standard practices; therefore, proposers should explain their knowledge of every aspect of typical board up operations and related issues.  This should include your firm’s ability to either perform or sub-contract the above listed services.

The SRFECC intends to select the most qualified contractor or contractors, which will then be placed on a rotational call out list.

General Procedures Agreement.pdf
Proposal Requirements 

Submittals which do not include all of the elements as specified, or which deviate from the proposed format and content specified may be deemed non-responsive by the evaluation committee and eliminated from further consideration.

  1. Provide a cover letter signed by an officer of the firm submitting the statement of qualifications or signed by another person with authority to act on behalf of and bind the firm.  Indicate contact person(s) for the firm.
  2. Provide general information about your firm, including number of employees, years in business, name(s) of owner(s), home office location, local office location (if different), types of licenses held, primary business types and market areas.
  3. Provide a brief summary of your firm’s history and experience.
  4. Provide a narrative summary of your firm’s philosophy and approach to translating the SRFECC requirements into a complete and deliverable package.
  5. Provide resumes of key individuals who will work on the SRFECC board up process.
  6. Provide a listing and description of similar board up projects and contracts that you are currently involved with for other public agencies.
  7. Provide reference contacts for each of the projects listed in item 6 above.
  8. Define your firm’s approach to minimize response and performance delays.
  9. Provide amounts and carriers of both general and professional liability insurance and a proof of a valid workers’ compensation carrier.
  10. Past Performance Record
    If any of the following has occurred, please describe in detail the circumstances for each occurrence.
    a) Failure to enter into a contract once selected.
    b) Withdrawal of a proposal as a result of an error.
    c) Termination or failure to complete a contract.
    d) Suspension or debarment by any municipal, county, state, federal or local agency.
    e) Involvement in litigation, arbitration or medication with a public client in California within the last (5) years.
    f) Conviction of the firm or its principals for violating a state or federal anti-trust law by bid rigging, collusion, or restrictive competition between proposers, or conviction of violating any other federal or state law related to bidding or contract performance.
    g) Falsification of information or submission of deceptive or fraudulent statements in connection with a contract.
    Information regarding any of the above may be deemed to indicate an unsatisfactory record of performance.
  11. Financial Information – Provide the following financial information:
    a) A current report from any commercial credit rating service, such as Dunn and Bradstreet or Experian.
    b) A letter from a financial institution stating a current line of credit.
  12. Any comments or objections to the Agreement and General Procedures for the Project.  NOTE: The SRFECC will not consider any substantive changes to the Agreement and General Procedures if they are not submitted at or before the deadline set forth below.

Proposal Format

  • Electronic submissions only.
  • Proposal Submittal Due Date – 12:00 p.m. 22nd of December, 2023.
  • Submit to:
  • Questions: Direct all questions in written email to:
  • Verbal inquires will not be permitted.
General Procedures Agreement.pdf
Selection Process 
  1. The purpose of the RFP is to enable to SRFECC to select the most qualified firm(s) with whom the SRFECC intends to enter into an Agreement for board up services and other related services.
  2. The SRFECC will use the qualifications-based selection process outlined below.  A review and selection committee composed of key SRFECC officials, staff and consultants will review and evaluate all Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) and may conduct interviews.
  3. Statements and Qualification (SOQ) will be opened privately to assure confidentiality and avoid disclosure of the contents to competing respondents prior to and during the review, evaluation and negotiation processes.  However, to the extent that the submittals are public records under California law they may be released to members of the public if specifically requested under the California Public Records Act.
  4. The SRFECC reserves the right to request additional information, which, in its sole opinion, is necessary to assure that the firm’s competence, number of qualified employees, business organization and financial resources are adequate to perform the required services for the SRFECC.
  5. The following items will be the most important considerations in the selection process:
    a) Experience with similar projects and/or performance as a previous Board Up Contractor for the SRFECC.
    b) Qualifications and experience of the proposed project team.
    c) Proposed methods of the overall strategic plan to accomplish the work in a timely and competent manner within the SRFECC constraints and time frames.
    d) Conformance to the specified SOQ format.
    e) Organization, presentation and content of the SOQ.
  6. Evaluation of the proposals will be made January 8, 2024 through January 12, 2024 after which time, the selection committee will contact those firms short-listed for the interview process.
  7. The SRFECC reserves the right to select the firm(s) which, in the SRFECC sole judgment, best meet(s) the needs of the SRFECC
Interviews and Agreement 
  1. The SRFECC may conduct interviews January 15, 2024 through January 18, 2024 with as many of the firms it deems most qualified that respond to this RFP.  Applicants selected for interviews will be advised regarding interview participants and format at the time of notification.
  2. Successful firm(s) will be required to pay an Administrative Fee of $75.00 per call out.
  3. Successful firm(s) that the SRFECC determines in its sole discretion to be most qualified, will be required to enter into the Agreement, including the General Procedures for the Project on or around February 5, 2024, with the first on-call rotation beginning March 17, 2024.   The SRFECC will not consider any substantive changes to the Agreement or General Procedures if they are not submitted at or before the Deadline set forth above. Should the SRFECC be unable to satisfactorily resolve any substantive changes submitted by any of the firm(s), the SRFECC may in its sole discretion terminate negotiations with that firm.
  4. The term of the contract for the successful firm is three (3) years, except that the Center shall have the option to terminate the contract before its normal expiration with or without cause as set forth in the General Procedures.
General Information and Special Conditions 
  1. Amendments:  The SRFECC reserves the right to cancel or revise, in whole or in part, this RFP.  The SRFECC also reserves the right to extend the date that responses are due.
  2. Non-Discrimination:  The SRFECC does not discriminate on the basis of race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, or genetic information, marital status, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, military and veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law, of any person in consideration for award of a contract.
  3. Costs:  Costs of preparing a response to this RFP and negotiating any contract, whether or not successful, are solely the responsibility of the responding firm(s).
  4. Limitations:  The RFP does not commit the SRFECC to award any contract, to defray any costs incurred in the preparation of a response to the RFP, or to procure or contract for work encompassed here.
General Procedures Agreement.pdf